Frequently Asked Questions
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Placing Adverts
1. How do I place an advert?
2. Receiving confirmation email

1. New users and creating a password
2. Forgotten your password?

Contacting Advertisers & Using Webmail
1. How to contact an advertiser
2. How the webmail system works
3. Replying to a response
4. Reply Notifications
5. Accessing past mail
6. Email Attachments

Advertisers Guidelines
1. How many ads & categories am I allowed to submit to?
2. Can I include a website/hyperlink?
3. Publishing Policy
4. When will my advert appear?
5. Placed your advert in the wrong category?
6. How do I change my email address?

Deleting, Editing and Upgrading Adverts
1. Removing an advert
2. Editing an advert
3. Upgrading an advert
4. Adding photos to an advert

Surprisingly affordable category sponsorship to reach your market!
1. What is a banner?
2. How much do banners cost?
3. What is category sponsorship?
4. How does the free banner creation tool work?

About Kuttapi Classifieds
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